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DSI Alvo-G socket paste provides a more secure and dependable way to administer a successful dry socket treatment and extraction socket treatment. Additionally, it emits an aroma that is much less obnoxious for the patient's convenience. DSI Algo-G is an effective solution for dealing with pain after tooth extraction. It works as both a strong anesthetic and antiseptic compress that can be inserted into the socket using a flat-bladed instrument, making sure it completely covers any exposed bone. As the healing process continues, the paste gradually washes away, eliminating the need for painful packing removal. With just one treatment session needed, this product offers fast relief of tooth extraction pain.

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DSI Alvo-G stands out with its thick consistency, designed to fill sockets smoothly and stick firmly to the alveolus. This product has a calming effect on the tissues of the alveolar, thus quickly relieving pain. Unlike other brands, DSI Alvo-G does not contain eugenol or iodoform, yet has greatly powerful anesthetic abilities.

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DSI Alvo-G proves to be a simple solution when it comes to taking care of wounds by eliminating the need for suturing and extra attention during healing. Furthermore, this specific treatment can serve as a post-extraction dressing in patients who suffer from dry sockets, or even as an effective prophylactic solution.

Alvo-G by DSI is a paste that fits into a socket to maintain healthy hemostasis, boost the healing process and avoid complications from tooth extraction. The constituents in this paste provide analgesic and anti-microbial effects, shielding alveolar tissues from pain. Additionally, there are analgesic and anti-microbial elements within the paste of Alvo-G which help to expand its healing properties.


• Perfect for dry socket and extraction socket.
• No eugenol, or iodoform; no unpleasant odor.
• Works as both a strong anesthetic and antiseptic.
• Eliminating the need for suturing and extra attention during healing.
• Thick consistency.
• Has a calming effect on the tissues of the alveolar.
• Fits into a socket to maintain healthy hemostasis.

‍ALVOG20: Alvo-G Post-extraction Paste 20 gr Jar

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