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Alvo-G Pro

DSI Alvo-G Pro is an excellent way to protect extraction sockets and assist tissue regeneration following a teeth extraction. It is made with natural ingredients such as propolis and beeswax that work together to form a physical barrier. This barrier helps promote healing at the extraction socket quickly and effectively. The Alvo-G Pro from DSI provides assistance during the tissue regeneration process due to its moldable properties. It also creates a barrier that holds the alveolar walls free from contamination. Moreover, Propolis is added to the formula in order to improve healing and cause analgesic effects on the patient for a more relaxed postoperative period. The product contains Iodoform that works as a light antiseptic and assists cell regeneration.

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DSI Alvo-G Pro is a perfect solution for a dry socket and as a post-extraction dressing. It offers a soothing effect during the entire recovery process. The fibrous consistency enables easy filling of the socket. It works as an antiseptic, analgesic, and hemostatic simultaneously. It is a perfect surgical dressing after tooth extractions.

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Propolis and iodoform are key components of this formula, designed to aid in regeneration and healing. Propolis acts as a pain reliever and reduces discomfort after surgery, while iodoform increases anti-inflammatory activity and provides antimicrobial protection. In addition, it stimulates cellular growth for an enhanced recovery period.

The application DSI Alvo-G Pro is very simple, and the paste consistency allows it to remain in stable contact with alveolar walls. It is very easy to apply and no special attention is needed. In general, DSI Alvo-G Pro is completely resorbed in a period of 30 days, as the normal healing process of the tissue takes place.


• Made using natural ingredients such as propolis and beeswax.
• Protects the extraction socket and helps tissue regeneration.
• The presence of Propolis in the formula helps it in the regeneration and healing process.
• Perfect solution for a dry socket and as a post-extraction dressing.
• Offers a soothing effect during the entire recovery process.
• Guarantees a calmer postoperative period for the patient.

ALVOGPRO: Alvo-G Pro paste with propolis, 10gr jar

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