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Alvo-G Fibre

Alveolar osteitis or the dry socket in simple words, is a phenomenon that occurs in certain cases after tooth extraction. It is much more common when the third set of molars (wisdom teeth) are extracted. The main problem that may develop during dry sockets is intense pain. It is caused by the fact that the exposed bone and the nerves located inside the socket are susceptible and cause great amounts of pain that can radiate to the entire alveolar area and even toward the ears. A dry socket also may lead to an infection in the socket. Another problem is that it can last between 10 and 40 days after the extraction. Fortunately here at DSI, we have the perfect solution for this problem, the brand-new Alvo-G Fibre.

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DSI Alvo-G Fibre is a special paste that is used for dry socket treatment and post-extraction dressing. It boosts the healing process and avoids complications from tooth extraction. The constituents in this paste provide analgesic and anti-microbial effects, shielding alveolar tissues. Additionally, there are analgesic and anti-microbial elements such as; eugenol, butamben, and iodoform within the paste which help to expand its healing properties.

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DSI Alvo-G Fibre is designed to solve the problem of alveolar osteitis and provide an immediate and highly effective response to the patients' intense pain. The paste is made with fibers and a fibrous consistency fills the sockets smoothly and sticks firmly to the alveolus. The active ingredients provide local pain relief, protect the exposed bone and nerves from infections, and help the natural healing process.

It works as both a strong anesthetic and antiseptic compress that can be inserted into the socket with ease, making sure it completely covers any exposed bone and nerves. As the healing process continues, the paste gradually washes away, eliminating the need for painful packing removal. With just one treatment session needed, this product offers fast relief of tooth extraction pain.


• Protects the extraction socket and helps tissue regeneration.
• Perfect solution for a dry socket and as a post-extraction dressing.
• Offers a soothing effect during the entire recovery process.
• Guarantees a calmer postoperative period for the patient.
• Works as both a strong anesthetic and antiseptic.
• Eliminating the need for suturing and extra attention during healing.
• Extra thick fibrous consistency.
• Has a calming effect on the tissues of the alveolar.

ALVOG-F: Alvo-G Fibre Post-extraction Paste 12g Jar

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