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Healing Caps Conical

DSI Conical connection healing caps are made especially for a faster healing process of the tissues in a large variety of implantation cases. The conical caps are compatible with NobelActive® connection in regular (4.3-5.0mm) platform and narrow (3.5mm) implant hex connection. The two platforms provide optimal compatibility with a large variety of implants corresponding with the same connection. Significant trauma reduction is achieved during the insertion and removal of the healing cap from the implant socket. Healing caps are designed for immediate installation on the implant right after the placement in order to attain the desired protection of the implant site from oral cavity clutter penetration. They serve as effective healing & management prosthetic.

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DSI conical healing caps are installed on the implant instead of a cover screw to seal it from the oral cavity. Their shape gives excellent aesthetic results upon installation of the final restoration. The caps deliver an accurate and highly aesthetic cover of the soft tissues surrounding the implant, leading to a natural-looking gingival formation.

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The concave structure of the DSI conical healing caps also establishes a platform switching ability, which helps to prevent crestal bone loss, and it is fundamental for the implant’s long-term success and stability. It also increases the volume of soft tissue around the implant platform to improve aesthetic results and allow a healthier restoration process. After the initial phase is done and the surrounding tissues are healed, the healing cap can be removed and the final restoration can be used at once. Thanks to the healing caps every implantation will be perfectly adjusted, with minimal trauma to the patient, and highly aesthetic results.

DSI conical healing caps are made as concave healing abutments. These concave healing caps are the ultimate choice for the first stages of the restoration as they allow a greater volume of soft tissue fill at the peri-implant site. That creates an optimal emergence profile and helps the replacement of temporary prosthetics with a permanent ones. All of that is done without damaging the newly formed tissues around the implantation site reducing the trauma and accelerating the healing process. Available in various gingival heights for maximum soft tissue management. A proper healing cap selection can pre-determine successful implantation and final restoration placement.

Torque Recommendation:
Hand-tighten using a 1.25 mm hex. driver or a motor mount with a force of 15 Ncm.


• Faster healing
• Excellent aesthetic results
• Made of the Titanium Grade 5
• High Corrosion Resistance
• Excellent Bio-compatibility
• An accurate sealing of the soft tissue bestows a better aesthetic appearance on the gingiva.
• Assist in the final contour for crowns.
• Healing caps prevent additional surgical procedures.
• Transgingival healing can be achieved when placing taller caps while the implant's shoulders are in a subgingival position.
• Semi-submerged and submerged healing is achieved by a healing cap having a labial bevel or smaller size respectively allowing a well-defined restoration of the gingiva and also giving a base for further management.

HCC-2-NP, HCC-3-NP, HCC-4-NP, HCC-5-NP: Conical connection healing cap NP platform 3.5mm conical connection
Conical connection healing cap RP platform 3.5mm conical connection

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