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DSI conical connection analog is a simple and clever tool yet it is an irreplaceable element for building a final restoration. The conical analogs are compatible with NobelActive® connection in regular (4.3-5.0mm) platform and narrow (3.5mm) implant hex connection. It allows a dentist to create the final prosthesis and properly place the abutments. DSI analogs are made of the highest quality stainless steel that can be acquired on the market nowadays. DSI manufactures analogs on the last generation's CNC 6-axis machines with a digital laser 3D marking technology. This process allows for obtaining genuine precision and incredible accuracy of the product and minimizes the errors in the creation of a dental prosthesis.

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The accuracy of technical model replication relies on the use of DSI conical analogs. These components precisely copy the size and contour of the implant, as well as the exact position and angle for eventual abutment placement. As such, DSI conical analogs are an essential part of any prosthetic dental procedure.

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DSI conical connection analogs are created with the highest precision and are made of the best quality materials. They are designed for distinguished work and the creation of an outstanding final restoration. ‍

DSI conical analog is specifically designed for high-accuracy dental models. It is installed very easily onto to model with no risk of displacement. DSI conical analog comes in narrow and regular implant platforms and matches the exact morphology of those implants repeating perfectly the shape and size for exact abutment positioning.


• Compatible with Nobel Active conical connection
• Precise installation.
• Secure press-fit in the model.
• Precise duplication of the implant position and angle on the technical model.
• Repeats perfectly the shape and size of the implant.
• Made of high-quality stainless steel.
• Helps to minimize the errors in the creation of a dental prosthesis.

SAC-NP: Conical analog NP platform 3.5mm conical connection
SAC-RP: Conical analog RP platform 4.3-5.0mm conical connection

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