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Straight Abutment Conical

DSI conical straight titanium abutments are excellent for all sorts of restorations at all phases of treatment. They deliver amazing aesthetics and predictable results with outstanding stability for the crowns and bridges. The conical straight abutments are compatible with NobelActive® connection in regular (4.3-5.0mm) platform and narrow (3.5mm) implant hex connection. A straight abutment is usually used for a single crown restoration but can be used for a full bridge if needed. A straight abutment is considered a common abutment for a large variety of different procedures. DSI conical straight abutments are made of the highest quality of titanium at Grade 5, in order to provide the best results and allow biological compatibility.

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DSI conical straight abutments possess numerous aesthetic advantages, particularly the shoulder abutment. These abutments include a gingival collar that helps expedite healing and secures the implant crestal zone. Additionally, shoulder abutments are available in a variety of collar heights to meet the needs of different restorative cases more efficiently.

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The DSI conical straight abutments offer exceptional stability with a considerable reduction in trauma during installation and removal of the restoration. Moreover, they form an excellent marginal seal as well as a secure connection to the implant.

DSI conical straight abutments come in a variety of different platforms, heights, and forms. It allows you to find the right type of abutment for each individual case. DSI straight abutments are used with a traditional approach and parallel implants. They deliver perfect stability, durability, and reliability in every restoration with great aesthetic results.‍

Torque Recommendation:
Hand-tighten using a 1.25 mm hex. driver or a motor mount with a force of 25 Ncm.


• Top quality materials.
• Excellent biocompatibility, no risk of abruption.
• Highly aesthetic, precise, and predictable results.
• Great surgical efficiency.
• Guaranteed stability and durability.
• Precise,  non-rotational, functional.
• Simple, fast, and accurate positioning.
• Outstanding stability for the crowns and bridges
• A common abutment for a large variety of different procedures

SSAC-9NP, SSAC-13NP: Straight conical abutment NP platform 3.5mm conical connection
Straight conical abutment RP platform 4.3-5.0mm conical connection
Straight conical shoulder abutment NP platform 3.5mm conical connection
Straight conical shoulder abutment RP platform 4.3-5.0mm conical connection

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