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Angulated PEEK Abutment Conical

DSI Conical Peek abutment is compatible with NobelActive® connection in both regular (4.3-5.0mm) and narrow (3.5mm) implant hex connections. The DSI PEEK abutment provides a unique solution for the customized needs of each case. Unlike traditional titanium abutments, these provisional abutments feature a smoother surface and can be readily polished and formed into the desired shape. This makes for an attractive temporary restoration that will stand up to wear and tear over extended periods of use. Consequently, these PEEK abutments enable quick rehabilitation of a patient's aesthetic area immediately after implant surgery.

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Created with patient comfort in mind, DSI Conical PEEK abutments provide a selection of collar heights to accommodate each individual case. This special design is created for ease of use and fits perfectly against gums without inducing any harm. As a result, post-treatment healing times are greatly reduced and aesthetically pleasing results come easier.

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PEEK abutment allows a better and more aesthetic temporary healing process than any metal abutment. It is also proven to be more biologically compatible with the body. PEEK abutment is the best possible solution for scans. Because it does not contain any metallic parts, it does not distort the scan results in any way. With PEEK abutment all your 3D scans will be perfectly sharp.

The DSI conical PEEK abutment is manufactured from a top-grade thermoplastic polymer. This material offers a combination of durability, suppleness, and biocompatibility compared to metal abutments as well as improved aesthetic appeal. Furthermore, it offers higher aesthetics than comparable materials. DSI PEEK abutment is very resistant to bacteria and microorganisms and it does not stain for a long period of time until a permanent abutment can be installed. It is especially important when a temporary restoration is needed for an extended period of time.

Torque Recommendation:
Hand-tighten using a 1.25 mm hex. driver or a motor mount with a force of 25 Ncm.


• Fabrication of short-term and mid-term provisional restorations.
• Scanning goes smooth and steady without distortion.
• Superior combination of strength, elasticity, and resilience.
• Have high mechanical strength and yet can easily be shaped and polished.
• Can be *AUTOCLAVED* without degradation in mechanical properties or biocompatibility.
• Suitable for X-ray, MRI and CT imaging without producing artifacts.
• Excellent mechanical properties such as stiffness and durability similar to the titanium.
• High compressive strength.
• Proven tissue biocompatibility.
• Natural color for excellent aesthetics.

SPAA15-1-NB-NP, SPAA15-2-NB-NP, SPAA15-3-NB-NP: Angulated conical PEEK abutment 15° NP platform 3.5mm conical connection
Angulated conical PEEK abutment 15° RP platform 4.3-5.0mm conical connection

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