March 10, 2024

Sealing Socket Abutment Technique - Immediate Implant Placement In Molar Site

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A major challenge encountered while undertaking immediate implantation in the molar area is the complexity of obtaining primary wound closure and coverage of the extraction site. This case report describes an innovative approach based on a chairside fabrication of a suitable intra-operatively prepared healing device after immediate implant placement.

The Sealing Socket Abutment (SSA) technique aims to “seal” the socket without invasive techniques such as flaps, incisions and sutures. As there is no attempt at a primary closure procedure, the mucogingival junction is not displaced and the papilla architecture is maintained in its original anatomical position. Consequently, post-operative discomfort is expected to be very low.

Materials used:

DSI Blue Line Spiral Implant
DSI Sil-Flow Filling Material

DSI UniLite Flowable Composite
DSI SilverAid Silverplug
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Dr Miroshnik Vladislav


• 1978-1990: Government Dental Clinic in Moscow, Russia
• 1990-until now: Running a Dental Clinic in Ashdod, Israel
• 2000-until now: Beautiful Smile Ltd., CEO
• From 2012: Coltene Whaledent, Inc, Clinical consultant, local and international lecturer on behalf of the company.

Certifications and Accreditations:
• Holds the title of Honorary Professor of Dentistry, Republic of Belarus.
• Advanced Course in Dental Implantology, Tel-Aviv University.
• Certificats Endodontics Dentistry and Diploma program in Periodontics Crown Extension and Perio-plastic Procedures Course.

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