December 13, 2022

First Maxillary Right Molar Crestal Sinus Lift With Immediate Loading

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Initial situation:
The first maxillary right molar is missing for a few years there is the vertical and horizontal bone loss

CT scan shows bone loss
The first incision shows that a missing tooth caused bone loss

Surgical procedure:

The Ridge expansion is used for crestal sinus lift and bone graft placement.

Initial hole for sinus lifting
Ridge expansion technique applied. Crestal sinus lift. Intra sinus bone injected.
Implant insertion
Implant surrounded with bone graft material
Good initial stability (ISQ 68 cumulative).
Healing abutment placed and sutures used.
CT scan shows the implantation went fine


The bone graft is healed completely and the implant is completely stable

Healing process went perfectly
Removal of the healing abutment in order to install final restoration
Final restoration is installed, a perfect fit
Perfect new artificial tooth
Final restoration after 6 months
One year post op
One year post op CT scan
Materials used:
DSI Spiral Implant
DSI Healing Abutment
DSI Step&Stop Drills
DSI Zenoss Graft
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