Low-lock Hybrid Overdenture

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Implant-supported overdentures give a good chance for dentists to increase oral health and quality-of-life of patients. Atrophic mandible poses an important challenge to successful oral rehabilitation with dental implants.

The fabrication of lower overdenture by two narrow platform implants is described with double retentive, robust, DSI Lock attachment system. This attachment structure offers the lowest profile in contrast to the ball and cap attachments and still provides the strong retention and long life-span, being able to compensate up to 15° of divergence between two implants (up to 45° in angled versions).

By using hybrid sphere-lock attachments, we are able to reap many benefits, both for patients and for the prothesist. There are clinical situations where the long axis of the implant leads to an unfavourable location from the screw access hole. To solve this and make the screw retrievability the DSI-Lock assist you to move the denture connection point to a more favourable location by providing the pre-bent angulated abutments, angling the screw channel to 18° or 30° in the desired direction. This, together with soft silicone inserts of a unique technology design that makes it possible to reach recommended torque even at maximum angulation.

The same abutment fixation screw construction and the standard industry 1.25 abutment driver can be used for all DSI suprastructures which truly limits the volume of components and tools. The design and angulation properties of this novel overdenture attachment are incorporated in order to optimize the design with the final coping.

Feature and Benefits

   The Constituent is made from Titanium Grade 5 ELI – the same material that is used for the production of the dental implant for the maximum life-span.
   Gold-anodized for just a deeper hue of thin tissue particularly in the aesthetic zone
   Excellent retention with the wide range of insertion caps - for 0 to 8 lbs
   Significantly lower profile and smaller connection point in comparison to competitors
   Simplified structure and improved functionality.
   The same form of the screw connection and driver tool shared with many different implant brands - fewer tools and risk for mix-ups.
   High variation of cuff heights for different tissue depths.

As we all know DSI Low-lock is the most recent innovative solution, based on several years of intensive research and development while being in constant touch with the leading dentists in the industry, collecting and collating numerous feedbacks and recommendations. DSI lock hybrid attachment combines the versatility and pivoting capacity of the ball attachments, with this low profile, the strength of lock-type cap attachment, high aesthetics, and ease of use of overdenture lock abutments. Once doctor tries this novel DSI Lock, he would never think of returning to the old-fashioned overdenture restoration options.

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