DSI Zoer ZOE Restorative

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Zoer Cement is a temporary zinc oxide eugenol cement featuring an incorporated reinforcing agent.

ZOER Cement is valuable in a wide range of applications, including temporary fillings, endodontic procedures, as a liner or base under restorative materials such as amalgam, silicate, phosphate, and glass ionomer.

Reinforcing ZOE cement with polymer has proven to demonstrate improved clinical results. Adding polymer to create ZOER Cement enhances its mechanical properties, increasing strength, durability, and resistance to fracture, and allowing it to withstand persistent masticatory forces. The refined formula also ensures easy removal when necessary.

ZOER Cement is highly favored by dental professionals due to its ability to provide a superior marginal seal, offering effective protection against bacterial infiltration and secondary decay.

Another key advantage of ZOER Cement lies in its therapeutic benefits. Zinc oxide is known for its capacity to inhibit bacterial growth, and the eugenol part exhibits antibacterial and antifungal properties. The sedative effect helps reduce pain and inflammation and minimize postoperative sensitivity.


Reinforcing polymer incorporated in powder
Excellent mixing properties
Long-lasting temporary restorative Intermediate solution
Easy to remove when necessary
Exerts soothing effect

Product Properties:

  • Momentary filling material
  • Transitional restorative material
  • Base/lining is under restorative materials (amalgam, silicate, phosphate, glass ionomer)
  • For closing the coronal percentage of teeth undertaking endodontic treatment
  • The recommended solution to use with cement-retained implant restorations
  • Among the various uses are rebuilding of deciduous teeth, restorative emergencies; carries management programs


  • Exceptional mixing properties
  • It displays clearly under x-ray
  • Intermediate solution
As with particular other Eugenol comprising materials, the polymerization of acrylic straight filling constituents (acrylic resins and composite resins) and temporary crown and bridge materials are subdued and make use of it with these constituents should be circumvented.

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DSI Zoer 38g powder jar / 12ml liquid bottle,
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