DSI Unilite Endo Whitening Paste

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Teeth discoloration can be a serious aesthetic issue having a negative effect on the self-confidence.

DSI UniLite Endo is a bleaching material for non-vital discolored teeth. It is an effective and quick solution that easily tackles this problem. It has been developed to whiten endodontically treated, internally discolored teeth by the walking bleach technique.

The formula of the non-vital tooth whitening gel is based on 60% carbamide peroxide, which is formed by hydrogen peroxide and urea. Extensive research has shown that using carbamide peroxide is a safe and effective approach as the urea causes an increase in pH levels within 5 minutes after placement, which cannot be achieved with hydrogen peroxide alone. The compound also has a slower peroxide release and is active longer than hydrogen peroxide.

Moreover, DSI UniLite Endo bleaching gel shows a strong bactericidal effect.

The syringe design ensures a convenient and fast application. DSI UniLite Endo is a ready-to-use, cost-effective material, delivering superb results and contributing to your patients’ emotional well-being.

Indications for use:

Discoloration of non-vital teeth caused by endodontic treatment, restorative procedures, trauma, loss of vitality, diseases or medication.


Complete whitening of black spots after endodontic treatment
Fit perfectly for internally discolored teeth caused by injury or disease.
Safe to use bleaching gel, have a soft consistency
Additional bactericide effect
Great Aesthetic Results Every Time

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Product Code
Unilite Endo 1 Syringe UL-ENDO
Unilite Endo 2 Syringe UL-ENDO2