DSI Panoramic Bur Organizer

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DSI Panoramic Bur Organizer is a must-have for any modern dental office.

This high-quality storage solution allows you to keep your burs, drills, and cutters neatly organized and readily accessible. DSI Panoramic Bur Organizer offers a quick and easy retrieval of the tools.

The ergonomic design of the stand includes a patented cradle and open back that allows for ventilation and drainage of the tool shafts. This speeds up drying time and helps prevent corrosion.

The stand is also effortlessly disassembled, with parts that can be cleaned separately for easy maintenance. The tray is clearly marked and divided into sections designated for different bur shanks, so that you always have the necessary instruments at hand. The organizer also features an adjustable accessory drawer for clamps, polishers, discs, wedges, and more. The panoramic design provides a clear view and easy access to each tool, while the non-slip pads ensure stability on your work surface. The removable tool tray (optional) is perfect for sterilization in the autoclave, while all the other parts are not suitable for autoclave.

By simplifying the bur management system at your dental practice  DSI Panoramic Bur Organizer will increase your efficiency, eliminate stress, and save time.


A clear view of each individual tool
Swift and convenient access to every instrument
Clearly marked shafts for the different instruments
Customizable accessory drawer to fit all your needs
Ventilated tool shafts and cradle to prevent corrosion
Detachable protective cover
Non-slip pads to ensure stability on your work surface
Removable tool tray, suitable for sterilization in the autoclave (option available only in PANORAMIC-BURR-ORG)
NB: Only the removable blue part in PANORAMIC-BURR-ORG is autoclavable, the rest of the organizer is not suitable for autoclave sterilization

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Product Code
ABS Cold-sterilizable Panoramic Bur Stand PANORAMIC-BUR-ORG
Autoclave-sterilizable Panoramic Bur Stand PANORAMIC-BURR-ORG

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