DSI Nylon Sutures

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DSI Nylon Sutures are sterile, non-absorbable, and synthetic monofilament sutures. The remarkable physical characteristics of DSI Nylon Sutures and their unbeatable quality make them the ideal material in many surgical cases.

DSI Nylon nonabsorbable monofilament sutures possess remarkable tensile strength and induce minimal cellular reaction. Compared to other materials nylon has the lowest degree of bacterial adhesion. The biocompatibility and resistance to infection minimize the risk of complications or adverse reactions, making DSI Nylon Sutures a reliable and safe choice for patients.

Due to the inherent properties of nylon, these surgical sutures are resistant to stretching and breakage, ensuring strength and durability.

With a small friction coefficient, DSI Nylon Sutures offer excellent handling capabilities, making them easy to work with during procedures.

DSI Nylon Sutures provide optimal wound support during the healing process. They are especially suitable for tissues that need stabilisation for a longer period of time.

For improved visibility in the wound, DSI Nylon Sutures are available in blue colour.

DSI Silk Sutures come with a sharp, strong needle for atraumatic tissue penetration.


A variety of sizes available (2-0, 3-0, 4-0, 5-0, 6-0)
No inflammatory reaction
Ease of handling
Excellent tensile strength       
Secure knots
Smooth passing through tissue
Effective and reliable wound support especially during prolonged healing time

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Product Size PDO
12 individual sterile packs of 2/0 DS-NY20
75cm / 30″ suture with 3/0 DS-NY30
pre-installed 19mm 4/0 DS-NY40
reverse cut 3/8 circle 5/0 DS-NY50
atraumatic needle 6/0 DS-NY60