DSI Megatron Kit

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The field of restorative dentistry today offers the possibility to change the lives of people previously suffering with missing or failing teeth and help them enjoy a more comfortable lifestyle. Advanced dental implant treatments provide patients with healthy mouths and confident smiles.

Dental implants require sufficient quantity and quality of the bone for stability and integration. Initial stability is paramount for a successful outcome.

Maxillary implant placement in the posterior edentulous region poses unique obstacles that require careful consideration and planning by dental professionals. Often limited residual alveolus height and poor bone quality compromise the ability to place dental implants. The anatomical structure of the maxillary sinus further complicates implant placement procedures within this edentulous section.

To address these issues, techniques for lifting the maxillary sinus have been developed to increase the height of bone available for implant placement in the posterior maxilla.

Sinus augmentation involves raising the membrane lining of the sinuses and adding bone graft material beneath it, effectively lifting and increasing the height of the sinus floor. A crestal approach can be used to perform this procedure, which allows for a closed sinus lift without making large incisions or creating major trauma. What sets this technique apart is its ability to achieve sinus floor augmentation effectively while minimizing postoperative morbidity. With the crestal approach, there is no need to create a bone window on the side wall of the maxillary sinus, resulting in less invasiveness and better preservation of natural bone structure. Additionally,the crestal approach provides greater accessibility and manual control when determining implant positioning.

This method offers an efficient and less invasive solution for patients requiring sinus lift.

By adding bone graft material to the area where an implant will be placed, a solid foundation for implant integration is created. This not only enhances aesthetic results but also ensures long-term durability and functionality.

Naturally, to perform this intricate surgery confidently and efficiently, a surgeon must be armed with all the essential instruments. Megatron, the ultimate sinus lift kit, has been meticulously designed in close collaboration with experienced maxillofacial surgeons and implantology experts to meet every possible need. This kit contains all the necessary instruments to perform both lateral and crestal sinus lifting in addition to manipulating narrow bone ridge expansion. It also includes implant positioning guides for simplified precise freehand implant placement.  Instead of using and sterilizing 3 or sometimes even 4 different kits for each of those procedures, you do it once. Megatron saves an enormous amount of time and it is the most cost-effective set of tools on the market.

With this advanced set of tools at hand, surgeons can approach sinus lifting procedures with an unprecedented level of expertise, ensuring successful and predictable outcomes.Megatron is essential for dental professionals looking to provide their patients with the highest level of care in sinus augmentation procedures.

Megatron kit can be used for:

Safe Crestal & lateral sinus membrane lifting
Sinus bone augmentation
Immediate loading and two-stage implantation
Single and multi-implant placement
Bone ridge expansion and immediate implant placement
Sinus membrane manipulation
Augmentation and reconstructive treatment of the alveolar ridge
Extraction socket manipulation
Preservation of the alveolar ridge
Guided and precise implant placement
Parallel implantation for multi-unit systems
Safe expansion without breaking the buccal plate
Ridge splitting without a mallet
Achieving strong initial stability at ridge split operations, for immediate loading
Implant positioning and prosthetic parts planning without a surgical guide


A universal kit that includes all the necessary instruments with no need for extra tools or units
One complete kit instead of 3 or 4 different units
Saves an enormous amount of chair and sterilization time and it is the most cost-effective
Gives endless possibilities for implantation in any condition
Used for simplified precise freehand implant placement without a surgical guide
Accurate and precise implant placement
An innovative design allows for quick and easy centering
Can be used for single or several implants
Precise and predictable results with minimal effort
Made of the highest quality stainless steel and have extreme durability
Safely and rapidly widen the narrow bone ridge
Reduces the overall treatment and healing time
Increase the initial implant stability by providing a larger space
A combined solution for crestal and lateral sinus lifting approaches
The reamers are specially designed to prevent damage to the sinus membrane
Made to deliver the best results without compromising the patient's comfort and safety
Completely autoclavable including the box that has been made using the highest quality plastic polymer

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