DSI Iodoform Powder

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DSI iodoform powder is valuable for a variety of applications in dentistry, including endodontic procedures, surgeries, and filling cavities due to its beneficial properties.

The powder is a highly effective antiseptic, and it is simple to mix and manipulate. Iodoform is often mixed with other materials, depending on the intended use and the individual preferences of the dentist. The goal of mixing iodoform with different materials is typically to improve the handling characteristics of the paste, enhance its antiseptic properties, or provide additional benefits, such as anesthetic or healing qualities, to the affected tooth and surrounding tissues.

When iodoform decomposes, it releases iodine which accounts for the antimicrobial action of DSI iodoform powder. Iodine disrupts the microorganisms' metabolic processes, eliminating infection and preventing its spread.

Iodoform is practically insoluble in saliva or other bodily fluids, which makes it an ideal material for filling the interior of a tooth. This quality is especially significant for root canal treatment, as it allows iodoform-based pastes to remain in place and provide prolonged antimicrobial protection within the root canal, accelerating healing and tissue regeneration, and preventing re-infection.

The antiseptic properties of DSI Iodoform Powder, combined with its ability to be used as a filling material and dressing, make it an essential material for dentists and oral surgeons.


Powerful antimicrobial agent
Antiseptic and healing properties
Long-lasting action
Easy to mix with other materials

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