DSI Intraoral Scan Spray

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Digital scanning technology has revolutionized the field of dentistry by providing accurate, fast, and reliable digital data for diagnosis, treatment planning, and fabrication of dental prosthetics such as crowns, bridges and aligners.

The era of digital dentistry brought about dramatic improvements in accuracy, speed, and quality of impression taking along with better hygiene and patient comfort. The only concern with optical three-dimensional scanners is their high sensitivity to the optical characteristics of the scanned surfaces, such as their reflective abilities. Glossiness of teeth, or color surface of impression materials can lead to scanning errors, incomplete or distorted images.

DSI has developed a remedy for surface reading limitations  - Scanspray.  When applied, Scanspray forms a remarkably homogeneous and fine layer on the object, with the average coating thickness under 5µm. The spray film optimizes the optical qualities of the objects, increases the opacity of the surface and produces uniform reflection of light. By creating ideal scanning conditions, Scanspray enhances scanning accuracy, facilitating highly precise and detailed reproduction of margins and complex geometries of the teeth. Scanspray eliminates the need for extra scanning or rework of distorted images.  

The carefully designed nozzle ensures precise dosage and economical use.

Scanspray is perfectly suitable for both direct (intraoral) and indirect (model) application. It is completely safe to use in the oral cavity and is easily washed off with water afterwards. To provide patients with even more gentle and comfortable experience, DSI developed Scanspray to have no noticeable smell or taste.


Ideal for both direct and indirect application
Enhances scanning accuracy
Helps capture finest detail
Superior shape reproducibility
Extremely fine, homogeneous coating
Ultra-thin layer thickness
Water-soluble and easily washed off with water after use
Replaceable extra-long application nozzle with non-clogging microtip
Economical and easy to apply in the 2.5 oz (75ml) can
No noticeable taste or odor for more comfortable patient experience
Completely safe for both patients and dental professionals

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Scan Spray DF-11147med