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Formocresol has been a mainstay in endodontics for many years, particularly when it comes to primary teeth pulpotomy and intracanal medication. It has a rich and extensive history in pediatric dentistry with an exceptionally high clinical success rate, having contributed to saving many millions of teeth over the years. Alternative materials have not yet proven to be as effective in achieving similar results.

Pulpotomy is one of the most frequently used treatments in primary dentition, particularly since primary teeth play such a crucial role in maintaining proper dental health until their natural exfoliation.

Due to its proven effectiveness as a fixative, disinfectant and devitalizing agent, Formocresol is an indispensable tool for pulp therapy. The material provides an invaluable service by killing bacteria within the pulp and stopping any further spread of infection while preserving as much healthy tooth structure as possible. Its remarkable bactericidal properties aid in maintaining the vitality of the radicular pulp, minimizing pain and inflammation, and preserving the health and integrity of the teeth.

In addition to its broad-spectrum antimicrobial action, and predictable outcome, Formocresol is less technique sensitive and easy to apply.

The efficacy of Formocresol has proved second-to-none when treating primary teeth pulpotomy cases requiring antibacterial action while retaining coronal pulp structure integrity thus increasing vital tooth restoration opportunities through radicular pulp regeneration capability.


Strong bactericidal properties
Remarkably effective disinfecting, fixative and preserving agent
High success rate
Predictable outcome
Easy to use
Less technique sensitive than other materials

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