DSI DSpace Stumpflack

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Applying paint-on die spacer is the most accurate and widely used method to create space between the intaglio surface of crowns and the tooth preparation. Obtaining casting relief is of paramount importance to ensure complete seating of a restoration.

By relieving hydraulic pressure between the cement and restoration, DSI DSpace ensures better seating of the casting, and allows excess cement to escape. Using DSI DSpace also improves the marginal fit, and eliminates the risk of premature occlusal contacts and inappropriate proximal contacts. Incomplete seating could lead to cement dissolution, recurring caries and periodontal problems.

DSI DSpace represents a high level of reliability and uncompromising quality to cover all the needs of the dental clinicians. As a result, it produces uniform layers of defined thickness with each and every application.

Due to the outstanding physical properties of  DSI DSpace, the material successfully withstands scratching, chipping, and flaking off when steamed, creating a smooth surface.

DSI DSpace allows precise application, that is easy to control. In addition, it dries quickly, saving precious time.

DSI DSpace exhibits optimal performance, facilitating excellently fitting restorations.


Uniform, precise thickness
Resists scratching, cracking, flaking
High-contrast color
Dries quickly
Controlled application

ref code

Product Code
DSpace (7 μ), Silver 25ml DSPACE-S
DSpace (10 μ), Gold 25ml DSPACE-G
DSpace (12 μ), Red 25ml DSPACE-R
DSpace (15 μ), Blue 25ml DSPACE-B
DSpace Thinner, 25ml DS-THIN