DSI Diamond Burs

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Here we present to you one of our rotary instruments that have come to be trusted by many dentists in restoring or extracting a tooth. It is the DSI diamond dental burs. If you are a dentist, you would out looking for rotary instruments that will aid you in preparing tissues for surgeries. Such an instrument should be able to remove old fillings, polish and tear the hard tissue.  And like others who have reaped the benefits that using DSI diamond burs had afforded them, you could also join the number and see how it ease your work.

The DSI Diamond Dental Bur is made with industry gold-standard microtechnologies with a goal to assist the dentists in helping patients who are having dental challenges. It has diamond particles and serves as an abrasive in the field of dentistry.

So, when precise drilling and finishing is required as well as grinding, without much concern for material removal, diamond burs are usually the best bet. This is because our diamond burs produce cleaner cuts and higher polish when compared to carbide burs.

Our high-quality dental diamond burs come in different sizes and grits to meet the individualized needs of each user while our unique grit application process helps to ensure reduced clogging and improved cutting efficiency. The grit also helps to determine the speed, and the type of polish – finer grits provide higher polish and finish while coarse grits provide heavy material removal.

At the glance, there are numerous ways of using the diamond dental burs:

• Cavity preparation

• Crown preparation

• Inlays and onlays

• Occlusal tooth structure removal

• Removing the amalgam / other filling

• Preparation of the palatinal surfaces

• Fine restoration polishing

• Crown adjusting and removal

• Separation (including orthodontic interproximal removal)

• Depth marking for veneer technology

Type of Diamond Burs

You have two varieties of diamond burs to choose from, namely;

• DSI Standard Bur: this refers to reusable diamond burs. They are usually sharpened and sterilized before being used in another procedure, giving amazing value for the money

• DSI Disposable Bur: as the name implies, these are diamond burs that are meant for a single-use. They are disposed of after a procedure. Perfect when on budget.
The Quality of our Diamond Burs

Our burs are special because they are hand-made and are produced passing through quality control at every stage of the production process.

At DSI, we pay great attention to the quality of our diamond burs, and this is because we recognize the need to make the work of the dentist a lot easier, and the patient less discomfort.

We invest a lot of time and energy into ensuring that we produce the highest quality. The final output is each subjected to a controlled inspection from an enhanced microscopic instrument so that each part is checked to ensure conformity with our high standards.

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