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When it comes to the sophisticated procedure of root canal treatment, preserving the tooth's natural structure and preventing any potential infections takes center stage. The presence of bacteria in the root canal when it is obturated can cause treatment failure. Therefore, eradicating the bacteria is central to endodontic success. 

Root canal therapy requires a meticulous approach that entails using several substances in order to ensure proper disinfection of the root canal system. One solution that has proved valuable in achieving this objective is Camphenol, a potent antimicrobial agent with exceptional antibacterial and antifungal properties. Extensive scientific studies carried out at different ranges verify conclusively that Camphenol displays exquisite efficacy levels when deployed during procedures aimed at decontaminating hard-to-reach areas inside teeth using minimally invasive techniques.

What makes Camphenol ideal for root canal therapy is its ability to disinfect even the narrowest spaces within the intricate network of dental tubules while still remaining gentle on oral tissue. Camphenol demonstrates excellent antiseptic properties and high efficacy in combating various types of fungi/bacteria present within patients' inflamed structures. It is  capable of eliminating even highly resistant bacterial strains. The solution significantly improves success rates by limiting the risk of reinfection.

Incorporating Camphenol into standard practice helps ensure high survival rates relevant for long-term functionality after receiving endodontic intervention involving treatments like root canal therapy.


Powerful antimicrobial agent
Exceptional antibacterial and antifungal properties
Capable of eradicating even highly resistant bacterial strains
Nonirritating to PA tissues
Steady in solution
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DSI Camphenol, liquid 15ml PHENOL

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