DSI Chlor-eX 2% Chlorhexidine

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DSI Chlor-Ex is a 2% Chlorhexidine Solution that possesses powerful antimicrobial properties.

Chlorhexidine is considered the most effective agent intended for patient preoperative surface preparation.

The antiseptic exhibits a high level of antimicrobial activity, significantly reducing the risk of infection. It is effective against a broad spectrum of microorganisms, especially those commonly found on the skin. In hospitals chlorhexidine is the key tool in terms of protecting against infections.  It is used on skin as well as on medical devices.

DSI Chlor-Ex is a non-toxic, non-irritant solution, safe to use on the skin and mucosa.

Moreover, evidence-based clinical studies have shown that chlorhexidine provides a prolonged effect, maintaining its antimicrobial activity for hours. In this regard, chlorhexidine completely outperforms alcohol solutions.

There are also no reports of bacterial resistance to chlorhexidine despite decades of use in healthcare. This is associated with its nonspecific bactericidal mechanism of action.

Proper hand hygiene is the most effective and simplest way to prevent infection. Hand washing with a chlorhexidine solution considerably reduces skin flora.

DSI Chlor-Ex can be diluted to use as a mouthwash, which can be an excellent addition to the routine oral care. Chlorhexidine solutions are the gold standard among antigingivitis agents. By decreasing the amount of oral bacteria that cause gum disease, the mouthwash reduces inflammation and swelling.  

Being a safe, highly potent broad-spectrum antiseptic,  DSI Chlor-Ex is an indispensable solution for any dental practice and even household.

Highly effective antiseptic against a broad spectrum of bacteria
Persistent and prolonged antimicrobial action
Safe and non-irritating
Can be diluted to make a powerful antibacterial mouthwash to control and kill bacteria in the mouth
Chlorhexidine mouthwash is an excellent antigingivitis agent

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DSI Chlor-eX, liquid 100ml CHLOR-EX
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