December 24, 2021

Zenoss Matrix Membrane - Connective Tissue Grafting for Root Coverage

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Initial situation:
After endo treatment and replacement of the coronal part of teeth with casted post, the root has changed colour and became visible through thin mucosa.

Treated root is visible through the gingiva

Treatment planning:
For concealing effect it was decided to add thickness of the mucous membrane. Instead of taking a tissue graft from the patient, Zenoss Matrix was used.

Site close-up

Surgical procedure:
1. An incision was made, followed by dissection of papillae, flap mobilization, membrane fixation, and flap suturing.

Crown removal
Flap mobilization

2. The membrane, after putting in sterile saline solution, swells and increases in size to approx. 2.5mm thickness.

Zenoss Matrix in sterile blister
Zenoss Matrix - out of the box
Membrane is sterile saline solution
Zenoss Matrix saturated in saline
Zenoss Matrix packed inside the flap
Suturing (DSI PTFE Teflon 4/0)

At 3-month post-op, prosthetic phase was started. During this time a temporary crown was used with a correction of marginal edge length.

Temporary Crown (DSI UniCrown LC)
Final restoration picture

Materials used:
Zenoss Matrix Membrane 10x30mm
DSI PTFE Sutures 4/0
DSI UniCrown LC Light-curing Sculptable Provisional Crown
DSI Diamond Paste for a high-gloss finish

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Submitting doctor picture

Dr Miroshnik Vladislav


1978-1990: Government Dental Clinic in Moscow, Russia
1990-until now: Running a Dental Clinic in Ashdod, Israel
2000-until now: Beautiful Smile Ltd., CEO
From 2012: Coltene Whaledent, Inc, Clinical consultant, local and international lecturer on behalf of the company.
Certifications and Accreditations:
Holds the title of Honorary Professor of Dentistry, Republic of Belarus.
Advanced Course in Dental Implantology, Tel-aviv University.
Endodontics Dentistry Certificate and Diploma program Certificate in Periodontics Crown
Extension and Perio-plastic Procedures Course
Ashdod, Israel

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