October 24, 2022

Use Of Bone Rings For Vertical Augmentation Of The Distal Part Of The Lower Jaw

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Initial situation:
As a result of an incorrect and outdated approach to prosthetics, bone tissue resorption occurred in the implant area, bone loss in the 4.6 area was 50%, in the 4.7 area – was 30%.

Scan shows bone loss
X-ray scan in the time of the surgery
CT scan at the time of the surgery

Surgical procedure:
Removing the implants and placing the Zenoss ring with new implants inside of it. Following by Zenoss bone graft and membrane placement.

After opening the flap and removing the implant 4.7, a bed for the bone ring was formed.
With the help of the DSI implant positioner, the place for implant 4.6 was determined.
Sequential preparation of the implant site
Bone Rings were measured in height and placed in prepared beds, fixed with appropriate implants.
The rings were covered with bovine xenograft.
The collagen membrane was fixed buccally with a bone pin and covered the site.
The flap is sutured with DSI PTFE Sutures
After 4 months, the implants were opened
A slight resorption of bone tissue in the region of the neck of the implants was determined. a small amount of xenograft was added, covered with a collagen Sponge graft
Healing process is good, no bone resorption detected

Post op:
The site healed perfectly and 2 new abutments were installed with a final restoration.

Two abutments are installed
Final restoration perfectly adjusted

Materials used:

DSI Spiral Implant
DSI Healing Abutment
DSI Angulated Abutment
DSI Implant Positioner Kit
DSI Zenoss membrane
DSI Zenoss Ring
DSI Zenoss Graft

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