December 12, 2022

Bone Restoration Using Allograft And Classic Implant Installation #24 #26

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Initial situation:
After the teeth extraction, a bone defect and a different angle are revealed, and the implantation cannot be completed.

Bone defect after extraction
Different angle after extraction

Surgical procedure:
Placement of a DSI Allograft bone graft covered with PRF and sutured with DSI Nylon 4/0 and covered with DSI Unilite Flow.

Allograft material placement
Covered with PRF and sutured with DSI Nylon 4/0
Covered with DSI Unilite flowable composite

Treatment continuation:

After 9 months the area is exposed in order to install the DSI classic implant and DSI temporary healing abutment

Exposure after 9 months
Installation of DSI classic implants 3.75 by 13mm and 4.0 by 8mm
DSI temporary abutments are placed as a custom healing solution

Post op:

Bone grafting was successfully achieved and the implant installed correctly without complications

CBT Scan shows a successful implant installation

Materials used:
DSI Classic Implant
DSI Temporary Abutment
DSI Alyoss Allograft
DSI Nylon Sutures
DSI Unilite Flow

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Dr Kibera Kelvin Ndirangu


Practices in Wood Dental Clinic. Studied in University of Nairobi.
Has a certificate in implantology, Endodontics and Aesthetic dentistry
10 years experience in the field.
Have done almost 400 implants and have a passion for the field.
Enjoy restoring smiles and full cosmetic work.

Wood dental clinic, wood avenue plaza, kilimani, Nairobi, Kenya.

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