DSI Zoer Root Canal Sealer Automix

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The role of root canal sealer in achieving quality obturation cannot be exaggerated and that’s why choosing the right material is imperative to the treatments’ success.

Zoer Root Canal Sealer creates a highly effective, hermetic seal minimizing the likelihood of bacterial penetration due to its superior sealing ability. Zoer Root Canal Sealer forms an impenetrable barrier that prevents microorganisms from entering and causing further infection. Zoer Root Canal Sealer demonstrates exceptional bonding capabilities between gutta-percha and dentine walls while remaining insensitive towards moisture.

Its potent adhesive properties help to anchor itself firmly into dentin tubules, providing long-term stability and protection against leakage or failure.

Root canals contain intricate systems that are difficult to clean completely due to their complex anatomy. The excellent flowability of Zoer Root Canal Sealer allows it to reach and fill all the gaps and irregularities between the root canal walls and core fillings, e.g. gutta percha. Additionally, its low volumetric shrinkage and low solubility ensure that the material remains stable and intact over long periods, promoting the ultimate objective of endodontic therapy, a hermetic seal that eliminates bacterial ingress.

Zoer Root Canal Sealer has a long working and setting time, which gives dental practitioners adequate time to apply and manipulate the material, without risking premature setting.

The superior radiopacity of the material enables it to be easily detectable on X-rays, aiding in follow-up consultations and retreatment planning if necessary.

Zoer Root Canal Sealer also features an innovative delivery system for increased efficiency. The use of the automix syringe eliminates the need to manually mix sealer components, reducing the chances of error and saving time. This provides greater precision and consistency in preparing the material for sealing, ensuring that it is properly mixed and homogenous. Another advantage is improved handling characteristics. The automix syringe provides a controlled dispensing mechanism that allows for easier manipulation and placement of the sealer inside root canals without any mess or waste. Moreover, Zoer Root Canal Sealer comes with disposable tips which eliminate cross-contamination issues encountered during application.


Reliable hermetic seal
Long-term stability and protection against bacteria
Radiopaque for easy follow up
Non-staining and non-irritating
Antiseptic and anti-inflammatory
Long working time
Comes in automix syringe for increased ease of use and efficiency

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DSI Zoer root canal sealer in an automix syringe, 15gr ZOER-AM