DSI Vacuum Forming Plates

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DSI Vacuum Forming Sheets are indispensable for any dental office or lab.

DSI offers different types of thermoforming plastics with multiple thicknesses. The versatility helps fabricate custom appliances for orthodontic treatment to fulfill most complex needs of dental professionals and patients. 

The soft and clear material is ideal for bleaching and fluoride trays, model duplication and case transferring. 

Stabilizing tooth position after orthodontic treatment or surgery is vital for maintaining the achieved result and preventing relapse. The clear rigid material is indicated for creating splints, aligners, retainers, nightguards and bruxism appliances.

DSI Twin Thermoforming Sheets combine the hard and soft materials in one single plate to better suit nighttime bruxing cases. The soft side is designed to increase patient comfort while the hard surface effectively withstands mastication forces and ensures long-lasting wear.

DSI Vacuum Forming Sheets are a premium quality, latex and BPA-free material that is easy to trim. The material is clear and durable and successfully resists cracking, breaking or bending out of the desired shape. 

DSI Vacuum Forming Sheets are designed and manufactured to cover all the requirements for thermoforming materials. 


A variety of thickness options available
Clear and transparent
Easy to form and trim
Consistently accurate result
Resistant to bubbling, cracking, breaking
Withstands mastication force
Vacuum sealed metal insulation foil packaging for an extended shelf-life
Latex and BPA free

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Product Pcs Code
Hard Plates 0.75mm / .03" 20 VT-07H
Hard Plates 1.0mm / .04" 10 VT-10H
Hard Plates 1.0mm / .04" 20 VFP040
Hard Plates 1.5mm / .06" 10 VT-15H
Hard Plates 2.0mm / .08" 10 VT-20H
Soft Plates 1.0mm / .04" 10 WP040-S
Soft Plates 1.0mm / .04" 20 VT-10S
Soft Plates 1.5mm / .06" 10 VT-15S
Soft Plates 2.0mm / .08" 10 WP080
Soft Plates 3.0mm / .12" 7 VT-30S
Twin Thermoforming Sheets 10 KP-30SH

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