DSI Hemostatic Liquid

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Hemorrhage control and wound protection is a vital, yet challenging step, for any surgery, including oral and maxillofacial surgical procedures. Excessive bleeding can lead to a number of complications, reduce visibility in the operative field, compromise patient safety, and prevent the continuation of the procedure. DSI Hemostatic Liquid offers a a quick and effective solution, so that managing bleeding will no longer be stressful or troublesome. 

DSI Hemostatic Liquid is epinephrine-free, 25% Aluminum Chloride Solution. The powerful hemostatic action of Aluminum Chloride is produced by a chemical reaction with blood proteins, creating a barrier of coagulated proteins, that servers as a mechanical obstacle of the bleeding. This barrier in turn blocks aluminum chloride from penetrating the vessels and this way prevents potential systemic side effects. 

DSI Hemostatic Liquid quickly stops minor bleeding without irritating soft tissue or interfering with bonding. Unlike many common hemostatic agents aluminum chloride does not pose a risk of discoloration, so the solution can be confidently used in the “esthetic zone.”

To increase clinical versatility of DSI Hemostatic Liquid, the solution is available in 2 variations: clear and blue colored. The light blue color provides excellent vizualization of the area of placement.

Quick, effective and predictable hemostasis
Minimizes risk of secondary bleeding
Achieves a clean and dry working field
Does not interfere with bonding
Non-staining formula
Contains no epinephrine to help avoid cardiac reactions

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Product Code
DSI Hemostatic Blue, liquid 15ml HSTAT
DSI Hemostatic Clear, liquid 15ml HSTAT-C
DSI Hemostatic Gel, 3ml Syringe + 5 tips HSTAT-G
DSI Hemostatic Powder, 7g HSTAT-S

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