DSI Eugenol Extra Pure Oil

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DSI extra pure eugenol oil is equally valuable for dental practices and as a home remedy. 

Eugenol is a chemical, extracted from cloves. Eugenol has high medicinal value due to its vast range of beneficial pharmacological qualities. 

DSI Eugenol is a natural anesthetic, that provides a numbing effect and offers instant pain relief.  Moreover, eugenol demonstrates potent anti-microbial properties, and thus it aids in reducing inflammation and fighting infection.

When mixed with zinc oxide it will form a paste with a smooth, uniform consistency, which offers multiple applications, including filling and disinfection of root canals, temporary cavity filling, or as sedative lining/dressing under non-composite dental restorations.

DSI Eugenol brings additional dental benefits. Experiencing a toothache is distressing, but DSI Eugenol is an effective solution to quickly soothe the pain at home especially when there is no option to get to the dentist office right away.  

Moreover, as it effectively fights oral bacteria, the oil will help you freshen you breath. By simply adding a few drops of DSI Eugenol to water, you can make an all-natural, inexpensive mouthwash.

Eugenol is a natural and effective toothache relief agent on its own, and it also has a long history of successful therapeutic use in dentistry in association with other materials.


Natural anesthetic with anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial action
Proven effectiveness
Offers dental pain relief
Can be mixed together with zinc oxide into a paste for root canal treatment and temporary cavities filling, or as sedative lining/dressing under non-composite dental restorations

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