June 2, 2023

All-on-5 Multi Unit Full Mouth on Diabetic Patient

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Senior patient who’s health was deteriorating because of poor eating habits. Has a history of diabetes which is controlled. So poor eating made him lose weight and would occasionally interfere with his ability to treat his diabetes condition. Had a long term denture but didn’t want it because of poor stability and poor fit.

All-on-5 DSI classic implants and premium multi-units Maxilla 3.75 by 16 (2 implants) (3.75 by 13) (1 implant) (4.2 by 10) (2 implants)
Osseodensification used for implant osteotomy preparation.
3 classic implants (3.75 by 16 mm) fitted with straight multiunit abutments. 2 classic angled implants in the 36/46 region(3.75 by 13mm) fitted with 17 degree angled multiunit abutments.
Bone graft was obtained from patients’ own teeth using smart dentine grinder.
PRF used as membrane to protect the bone grafting.
Impression taking using open tray technique and DSI open tray multiunit impression copings. Floss and UniLite flowable composite used to to avoid coping movement.
Full arch. Hybrid temporaries fabricated using 3D printing and permanent crown resin. Designed for direct milling. No tibases or titanium sleeves were used. Delivered on same day of the implant surgery. Because bite is off. Mouth was rescanned, and new temporaries were fabricated in less than 24h.
DSI silflow used to cover screw holes.
Photo of happy patient walks out with a set of new teeth on same day of an implant surgery.
Materials used:
DSI Classic Implants
DSI Premium MultiUnits
DSI Unilite Flow
DSI SilFlow
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Dr Kelvin Kibera


Practices in wood dental clinic, wood avenue plaza, kilimani, Nairobi, Kenya.

Studied in University of Nairobi. Has a certificate in implantology, Endodontics and Aesthetic dentistry 10 years experience in the field. I have done almost 400 implants.

"I have a passion for the field. I enjoy restoring smiles and full cosmetic work".

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