April 9, 2023

Fistula treatment and tooth replacement using bone ring technique

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Initial situation with fistula developed from abscess
The location of the fistulous outlet does not points on a specific tooth, therefore, for clarification, gutapercha point was inserted into the fistula to indicate the focus of inflammation
Dentition key preparation
Prepared for a flap reflection at the “problematic” area
Large post-extraction defect we need to take care of before inserting the implant
Special Trephine drill with guide pin – diameter that will closely fit the bone ring
The defect is cleaned and prepared
Bone Ring in Place, snug fit is achieved
Dental Implant inserted inside the bone ring
Secured in place with healing cap
Added bone graft and covered by membrane, fixated with pins
Temporary crown was created and fixated using minnesota bridge technique
Materials used:
DSI Trephine Drill
DSI Zenoss Bone Ring
DSI Zenoss Bone Graft
DSI Zenoss Bio Membrane
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Dr Vladislav Miroshnik


1978-1990: Government Dental Clinic in Moscow, Russia
1990-until now: Running a Dental Clinic in Ashdod, Israel
2000-until now: Beautiful Smile Ltd., CEO
From 2012: Coltene Whaledent, Inc, Clinical consultant, local and international lecturer on behalf of the company.
Certifications and Accreditations:
Holds the title of Honorary Professor of Dentistry, Republic of Belarus.
Advanced Course in Dental Implantology, Tel-aviv University.
Endodontics Dentistry Certificate and Diploma program Certificate in Periodontics Crown
Extension and Perio-plastic Procedures Course
Ashdod, Israel

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