March 20, 2023

Double Central Teeth Restoration in Mandibular Area

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Feminine Patient of 44 Years of Age; Apparely Sana requests dental care for loss of dental organs 31 and 41 at the age of 20 in home accident; Clinical history and the firm are practiced, accepts the treatment and grants consent with publication of its clinical case. In the exploration there is no Pathologies and There Is Dental Absence of the Two Lower Dental Organs (Fig. 1); Interdental space is observed between the lateral sides of 7.3 mm and A Complete Reabsorption of the Mandibular Border (Fig. 2).

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Dr. Alexiei Constantino Campos


Dental Surgeon, Dental Implantologist, Oral Biologist(specialist in optical and electronic microscopy) and Master of Odontological Sciences.
2000 - 2005Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, Campus CU, México, DF
CARRRERA: Cirujano Dentista
Average: 8.27 Facultad de Odontología. UNAM CEDULA PROFESSIONAL DE LICENCIATURA: 4557534.                                                                      
2006 2008Universidad Autónoma de México, Campus CU, México, DF
MAESTRIA EN CIENCIAS. World Academic Excellence Program: Master's and Doctorate in Medical, Odontological and Health Sciences; Faculty of Medicine Aéreas básicas en BUCAL BIOLOGIA, con especialidad en microscopía óptica y eléctronica.
PROMEDIO: 8.94FACULTAD DE MEDICINA, UNAMCEDULA PROFESSIONAL DE MAESTRIA: 5781991Diplomado: Teórico-Práctico de . Centro de Ortodoncia y Ortopedia Dentofacial COOD. Avalado y acredrado por la Asociación Dental del Distrito Federal, folio COMM 003 Libro 3, con 120 hrs. Agosto 2008 a Abril-2009.

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