Syntoss Plus

REF: BG47075

DSI Syntoss Plus - osteoplastic material in a handy syringe form applicator. DSI Syntoss Plus was built to deliver Syntoss granules more efficiently and precisely to the treatment site to simplify the bone grafting procedures.

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The Syntoss Plus system consists of two syringes: • First with the beta-tricalcium phosphate granules coated with a thin shell of a biodegradable copolymer • Second is the solvent/activator. Right after the mixing, granules stick together, forming a plastic material with a high micro-and intergranular porosity, which can be introduced into the bone defect directly from the syringe. By contact with blood or oral fluids, the material takes the form of a bone defect and quickly hardens forming ideal and 100% mechanical stable environment for further suturing and membrane placement (if necessary). This provides unmatchable primary volume stability and precise facilitated augmentation.

This highly purified material comes in easy to use pre-filled sterile package syringes and dedicated for a single-use. Due to its unique micro-porous structure, Syntoss Plus granules are immediately penetrated by blood once material sets. Complete resorption happens in parallel with the bone tissue regeneration and takes 9 months.Syntoss Plus aims for an immediate Socket fill after a tooth had been extracted. Syntoss Plus occurred to be in granules of tricalcium phosphate (TCP) coated with a thin shell of biodegradable co-polymer named polylactide glycolide and a co-solvent:
• Bone Graft Syringe 0.5 cm³
• Solvent Solution 0.25 cm³


BG47075: Bone Graft Syringe 0.5cc
Solvent Syringe0.25cc


• Radiopaque
• 100% Synthetic & Safe
• Completely Resorbable
• Unsurpassed Handling
• Osteoconductive and Osteostimulative
• DSI Syntoss can help with the treatment of periodontal disease
• It helps to control infection, inflammation and reduce pocket depth

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